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Persona – World Discoverer College Undergrad

The following is a brief description of a persona named Tess Charette, who is a World Discoverer College Undergrad:

Ever heard of the quote, “The world is my oyster?” Well, that’s definitely true for Tess Charette. Oh, you haven’t met her? That is quite bizarre! Tess is a 21-year-old undergraduate student majoring in public relations at a top tier university in the United States. She came from a small country town with the determination to be a self-made woman; this big step into city life initially gave her culture shock, but ultimately, because of all the exciting and new experiences she was exposed to, her passion for travel and culture was ignited. Being young and educated grants one the perfect opportunity to really get out there in the world, and Tess is one to take advantage of all the opportunities the world has to offer. She wants to work for non-profit, join the Peace Corps maybe, intern abroad in London, and always, always travel during summer and winter breaks. Peru? Sweden? Brazil? “Yes, let’s go!” That’s her motto. It’s just too boring to stay in one place for too long when the world is waiting for her next love affair with it.

Entering her senior year as an undergraduate, Tess has acquired a hefty amount of traveling experience and is therefore a true woman of the world. Her way of dress has changed dramatically since her first day in college – she now dons long, bohemian skirts, has dyed her hair from blonde to brown, accessorizes with colorful bangles, and has multiple patches stitched on her backpack which proudly display all of the countries she has conquered on her quest for multiculturalism. This vivid way of expressing herself makes her very easy to spot on campus.

 She loves encouraging everyone she meets to travel, and is very eager to share her experiences and provide suggestions and advice on good places to visit (as well as what places to avoid!). No matter what, she has a certain charisma about her (even when tired out working multiple part-time jobs in order to pay for her travels) that makes her entirely approachable and likeable. She is usually open to discussing political, worldly matters in the classroom due to the knowledge she’s acquired traveling outside of it. Her friends are global, as she’s been to every continent except Africa and Asia by now (that means they are definitely on the list of go-to places, though), and she keeps in touch with them like the diligent young woman she is. Because of all of these factors, she is a go-to person, and her opinions and advice are heavily influential amongst her peers.

The jobs and internships she has taken on reflect her love for new places and new things; she has worked as a public relations intern for an art museum, as one for an advertising agency in London, and has also worked the odd shift here and there as a waitress at a pizza restaurant. Despite this variety in work lifestyle, all her coworkers and bosses have the same overall perception of Tess – she is a hard worker, she is animated, and she is a great asset to the businesses she employs herself in. Outside of travel, her interests also include serving as a philanthropy officer for a spirit squad and attending to her female pet bunny who she has named D’Artagna as a homage to the Three Musketeers.  

As she nears the end of her enlightening college experience, she has decided to serve in the Peace Corps for a couple of years in order to see the world a final time before she will settle down for a public relations career; however, this is all very tentative and susceptible to change, much like Tess herself. She is an experiencer, after all, and is not afraid of mixing it up a little.

The type of marketing to this kind of persona will probably be most effective when emphasizing new, stimulating experiences. Price is also especially important to personas like Tess because 1) she is a full-time student and 2) she likes to travel a lot. Budgeting is therefore a major concern for a world discoverer. Reaching out to a world discoverer will prove highly beneficial to marketers as well, as these kinds of personas typically have their own blogs and Twitter pages to record their experiences, have many followers, and are highly influential with their peers.


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One response to “Persona – World Discoverer College Undergrad

  1. Stephen Walls ⋅

    Mai – Great job on this. I feel like I have a really good sense about who Tess is and it would be fun to do more research with that persona.

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